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Dear Friends/Readers:

    And here we are, summer once again.  Warm, long days spent thinking about nothing (if you're a kid that is and it's summer vacation).  For us adults, it seems to be the status quo of our life, still going to work or planning an adventure with our family.  No matter what your plans are this summer, please be safe.  

    June 1st is the anniversary of our daughter, Marissa's passing.  Even after over a decade, the loss is still with us.  Ben and I wake up on that morning and say, "You know what day it is," and we both have a sadness that probably will never go away.  And we don't want it to.  Sure, we'd rather have her here, but the fact that the loss is so strong means that we loved her and she loved us.  And, that's all that matters.  

    I've been talking about releasing the book (below), Are You Wearing Clean Underwear for over a year now and it still hasn't released.  My goal for June is to get it out to readers.  I appreciate those around me for the support they've shown over the last year.  Mental health issues are no joke and although I'm not completely "back" I feel like I'm at least on my way.  For those of you who are feeling the darkness close in, talk to someone, anyone, a friend, a family member, a professional counselor, or a stranger if it helps.  Just talk.  You, as a human being are far too precious to lose.  

    On a more upbeat note, I've been planning a new series.  It's called The Four Clairs series and it's going to be tough, just like my Three Fay of Fahamore series was. This one is about Witches.  I've been called one more than a few times in my life (haha) and I thought I'd see what the real deal was. 

    Book One is titled The Within.

    From Northern Italy to small town Pennsylvania, Michaela Barone wanted one thing; to teach.  After all history was her passion, and her experience.   A history professor at Moravian University in Pennsylvania, Michaela loves her students, her life, and especially her daughter, Ceneri.  When a geneologist comes asking for information, Michaela is frightened.  After all, she doesn't want her secret to be revealed.  A secret she'd hidden from everyone, including her daughter.  One did not just come out and admit to being a witch, much less one that was born over 200 years ago.  The power she possessed, from the Within, was something most only dreamed of.  Michaela knew only that it came from her lineage but little else.  Years of oppression in hiding was deeply ingrained.  

   Gabriel Faber was a budding geneologist by night and a guidance counselor by day.  When one of his students suggested he speak to her mother about their lineage, he was all too eager.  What he didn't count on was Michaela's almost impenetrable wall of silence regarding her family's history.  But the more she resisted, the more intrigued Gabriel became.  He sensed she was hiding somehting and he was determined to find out what it was.  

   Each book focuses on one of the Claires; Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairesentience, and Claircognizance.  These are gifts that supposedly each witch chooses from.  

    I hope you'll read the Four Clairs Series when it is released.  Until then.  Pick a book from my collection to while away the summer with.  All of my books are available on Amazon.  

Thank you,






Are You Wearing Clean Underwear? The Misunderstandings of a Small-Town Advice Columnist.  

     Harper Reynolds always gave good and solid advice.  After all, she had a secret alter-ego, the local advice columnist, Ms. Meddles.  Then one night, a misunderstanding with local gorgeous man, Braxton Williams, left her vulnerable.  Oh, that man! 

     He could make you blush and he certainly made Harper think of things she shouldn’t.  A bottle of wine, or two, later, Harper submits her advice to the local paper, and between the wine and wild thoughts of Braxton, the answers are anything but good and solid. 

Chaos prevails and Braxton finds himself at the receiving end of blame for the whole town going crazy.  Personally, he thought the words Harper wrote were good, and yeah, maybe a little wild.  People needed to sow their wild oats here and there.

     Braxton finds himself trying to help Harper smooth things over and wants to help her fix a lot more than her column.

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