Dear Friends/Readers:

     Yay May!!!!  I love May.  It's the kick off to summer, although in Texas that starts about March, but who's counting.  Mostly I love May because Ben and I were married in May and it was wonderful.  I often ask him if he likes what I do or believes in what I do and he always says yes!  I'm Blessed to have the support of my partner and pray for all of you in your relationships too.  

     My third Fairy book, The Magic of Creideamh,  Book 3: Three Fay of Fahamore Series will be available on May 5th!  This book is a monster!  It's my longest book to date and the most complicated for sure.  It answers a lot of questions from Book 1: The Magic of Gra, and Book 2: The Magic of Dochas so there's that.  And, of course, it explores the relationship between Farrah Moran and Carrick Neilan.  The Fay are so beautiful and I think the book is really about having faith.  Especially nowadays, faith is sooooo important.  I hope you'll read the series and I hope you love the characters as much as I do.  

    It's funny because no sooner to I release than I start talking about the next book.  It's kind of a love em and leave em situation.  My next book, the last of the Marine books for Semper Fi in Love Continued Series,  Wrapping Up a Marine, will be out in June.  I've been working on this book for over a year and I don't normally leave a book unfinished for that long.  I think it was the fact that I had to say goodbye to my "group."  Eryn and Chase, Katherine and Mitch, Abi and Gavin, and Emma and Braedon (My original Marine Corps series couples), along with Lily and Sawyer, Larkin and Clementine, and finally Rayne and Caden.  I love these characters as if they were my real friends.  I hope you'll read their stories.  

     My granddaughter's book, Happily Royal After, will be releasing in August.  It's about Princess Evangeline.  (Who happens to have the same name as my granddaughter)  Princess Evangeline is half American, her father is the Prince of an island in the Mediterranean and, since he didn't marry her mother, she wasn't included in the line of succession.  Her father did marry and have twin sons who were "legitimate" so they were going to rule the principality.  After a plane crash takes her father and brothers, Evangeline is thrust into a position she never expected...Princess.  A grieving country isn't sure about the American Princess and she's mentored by Felipe Xavier Charles Romano who, other than having a really long name, is making quite the impression on Evangeline's heart.  

      My ebooks, except for the Three Fay of Fahamore series are all currently 99 cents each.  I hope you'll take advantage of that sale.  I wanted to give someone a chance to read during the stay at home time.  Enjoy!

        I pray for all of you and hope that your joys are plentiful and your sorrows are few.  Know that there are people out there who care and will always lend an ear.  

 Be safe,


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   Three Fay of Fahamore;

                Book 3,

    The Magic of Creideamh


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