Dear Reader/Friends:

      I'm ashamed, and shocked that I haven't updated my website in quite some time.  As most of you who know me heard, my mom passed away last year.  As have all of you, our family has been indescribably scarred from the pandemic.  It is only now, after our youngest daughter's recent wedding, that I've realized the haze of grief was deeper and darker than I imagined.  How quickly we fool ourselves into thinking we're okay.  But now, I realize that my mom would want me to keep writing and keep doing things I love.  She was a big fan, and told me often how proud she was.  I think as adults, we don't actively seek our parents' approval, but it still feels nice when we get it.  So, for my dear mama, we'll trudge on. 

     I had meant to release Brave Secrets in April and have been bogged down with conflicting emotions about it.  This is the story of a daughter who doesn't know what her father did in the military.  The situation is based on my own discoveries after my father died.  I will still release the book but I have no specific time frame set.  I'll keep you in the loop.

     The next book, with the longest title I've ever had, will be coming out soon.  Are You Wearing Clean Underwear? The Misunderstandings of a Small Town Advice Columnist, is definitely light hearted.  My leading lady, Harper Reynolds, is a southern girl with a sensible mind and a mutt of a dog named Beau.  She's also got a secret identity, she's the voice of the advice columnist Ms. Meddles.  Always a proponent of the truth and common sense, Harper (as Ms. Meddles) dishes out solid advice on a weekly basis.  Local hunk, Braxton Williams, whom Harper, like loads of other women, has secretly crushed on for over a decade, decides to befriend her.  As you can imagine, having a sexy, and nice man in close proximity tends to make the ladies go a little ga ga.  Harper is no exception and after an interesting evening that includes an almost kiss and a bottle of wine, Ms. Meddles gives the town a little more than they expected.  As you can imagine, hilarity and chaos breaks out.  Can't wait to share their story with you.  

    As you can see below, Royally Ever After is out and available. This book was so much fun to write.  We all dream of being a princess.  

     My Author FB page is not loading, and hasn't been for months so I'll be having a new one put together.  I'm sorry if my efforts have been sad in the way of new material, and I sincerely apologize to those of you who've been so kind to me throughout my writing career.  I promise to get back on track and hopefully we can write and read once again.  

Thank you for your support.

Best Wishes,

Danette Fogarty





     Ever  After

Evangeline DeMarco was an all-American girl.  She was a well-educated, independent, businesswoman who made her way up the corporate ladder with determination and hard work.  Only a few individuals knew her secret.  She was a Princess!  Her whole life changed in the space of a few days; losing her father and half brothers was torment enough, but realizing she was the heiress to a Principality in the Mediterranean was a little tough to grasp.

Earl Felipe Xavier Charles Romano was the attaché assigned to the Princess.  He was well versed in the state affairs of their beautiful island, with its beaches, casinos, and offshore banks that made it a hotspot for the rich and powerful.  He wasn’t sure the Princess knew just what she was getting into but he’d do everything he could to help her figure it out.


Can an American Princess adjust to a life of protocol and service to her people, and live Royally Ever After?

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