Dear Reader/Friends:

      Happy November!  I love fall, although up north is getting to be almost winter, here in Texas we get excited for anything under 70 degrees.  I know, don't crab about it.  I do miss home (Wisconsin) especially this time of year.  Ben and I have just moved into our forever home and are in love.  Still in the same city but on the other side.  Our neighbors have all been really nice and it reminds Ben and I of our hometowns.  I apologize for not updating things.  I wish I could say it was because of the move, or the kids, or something else but it's been difficult.  Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of our mother's funeral.  Most of you can empathize about the firsts....the first birthday, the first holiday, the first anniversary of their passing and funeral.  It's rough.  I pray that our mom knows how much she's missed.  

     The next book, with the longest title I've ever had, will be coming out soon.  Are You Wearing Clean Underwear? The Misunderstandings of a Small Town Advice Columnist, is definitely light hearted.  My leading lady, Harper Reynolds, is a southern girl with a sensible mind and a mutt of a dog named Beau.  She's also got a secret identity, she's the voice of the advice columnist Ms. Meddles.  Always a proponent of the truth and common sense, Harper (as Ms. Meddles) dishes out solid advice on a weekly basis.  Local hunk, Braxton Williams, whom Harper, like loads of other women, has secretly crushed on for over a decade, decides to befriend her.  As you can imagine, having a sexy, and nice man in close proximity tends to make the ladies go a little ga ga.  Harper is no exception and after an interesting evening that includes a kiss and a bottle of wine, Ms. Meddles gives the town a little more than they expected.  As you can imagine, hilarity and chaos breaks out.  Can't wait to share their story with you.  

     My Christmas book will be releasing in early December and is called The Snowball Effect.  It's about a nursing home that is infused with the Christmas spirit when a couple of newly hired employees decide to pay it forward.  I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.  

    Brave Secrets was released in October, just after our father's birthday.  It was an emotional book to write and I hope he's happy with my interpretation of the story.  I imagine it is a conversation that we should have had when he was still here with us.  One of my greatest regrets was not speaking to him about his experiences.  After almost seven years of searching, I haven't found anyone who actually knew him over in Vietnam but maybe.....someday. 

     I think we've got the FB author page thing worked out.  Lord, I hope so.  Check it out.  

     Since it's November, it's a time to reflect.  Some of us already start planning Christmas but I encourage us all to take time to be thankful.  It helps.    

Thank you for your support.

Best Wishes,

Danette Fogarty





     Ever  After

Evangeline DeMarco was an all-American girl.  She was a well-educated, independent, businesswoman who made her way up the corporate ladder with determination and hard work.  Only a few individuals knew her secret.  She was a Princess!  Her whole life changed in the space of a few days; losing her father and half brothers was torment enough, but realizing she was the heiress to a Principality in the Mediterranean was a little tough to grasp.

Earl Felipe Xavier Charles Romano was the attaché assigned to the Princess.  He was well versed in the state affairs of their beautiful island, with its beaches, casinos, and offshore banks that made it a hotspot for the rich and powerful.  He wasn’t sure the Princess knew just what she was getting into but he’d do everything he could to help her figure it out.


Can an American Princess adjust to a life of protocol and service to her people, and live Royally Ever After?

REA Ebook Cover.jpg