Dear Friends and Readers~

    Well, spring is on the way....or so says the Groundhog.  In Texas it sure feels like it.  I like spring, it means new beginnings.  And March, I love it because I'm Irish and even more Irish on St. Patty's Day.   

     The final book in the Three Fay of Fahamore Series; The Magic of Creideamh (Faith) will release soon.  The leading lady, Farrah Moran,  was born in Ireland but moved to the U.S. as a child.  She moved back to Ireland after college and is a elementary school teacher.  She is also "gifted" with magic.  Her good friend, Aideen, (books 1 & 2) enlists her to help with some "magical events".  Although she is an avid researcher into her gifts, the situation she finds herself in now is far beyond anything she could imagine.  Not only that, but she is attracted to Carrick Neilan in a way that is simply inexplicable.  The gifts Carrick possesses are on a much larger scale than Farrah's so she's not sure what to think.

    Carrick finds he has a father, a brother, and a group of people who he is intertwined with.  Having the type of power he has, Carrick realizes is more responsibility than entitlement and he's trying to find his emotional footing in the magical realm as well as with Farrah.  This story intertwines loves here and in the past, in the human world, and in the magical realm.  It tests our belief in Love, Hope, and Faith.  I hope you'll join me in taking this journey. 

     In May I plan to release my final Marine Corps book; Wrapping Up a Marine.  I've pushed back the release date twice now due to issues I'm finding in the book.  No more, it's on it's way! 

     In July I hope to release Happily Royal After.  It's the story of Evangeline DeMarco; a successful American businesswoman, who just happens to have a father who is the Crowned Prince of a Principality in the Mediterranean Sea.  Because her parents were never married, she is not in the line of succession.....until a tragic plane crash takes her father and her twin half-brothers, leaving her as the heir.  She's shown "the royal ropes" by a handsome aristocrat named Felipe Romano.  A place she never really considered her home is now a responsibility and the handsome Felipe is making her question where her place should be.  

      In October I will be releasing Brave Secrets.  It's the story of a woman who learns, after her father died, what he went through during his time in Vietnam.  This book is loosely based on my own experiences with my own father and is filled with a lot of questions about how well we actually know our parents.  

      And, of course, a Christmas book will be coming.  

      I am trying very hard to get my screenplays out for productions so any thoughts and prayers of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.  It is outside of my current spectrum which makes it equally exciting and terrifying.  

      I am also doing weekly videos to talk about one of my books.  If there's something you'd like to see or know, Please, don't hesitate to email me or contact me through my FB author page.  I love to hear from you.  

      Every month I say thank you, and every month it's true because without readers, where would I be?  Please enjoy!



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   Three Fay of Fahamore;

                Book 3,

    The Magic of Creideamh


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