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Dear Friends and Readers:

          Is it August already?  I just looked at my website and realize I haven't updated it since March.  Uh oh!  There has been a pretty big blanket of grief in our family and apparently I'm still working through it.  I appreciate the patience of my friends and readers and hope you'll like the books that come out in the future.  

         It's the "dog days of summer" here in Texas which means it's HOT!!!!!  But, if you read my new book, Are You Wearing Clean Underwear? The Misunderstandings of a Small-Town Advice Columnist, you'll see it doesn't affect my leading lady (Harper) as much as the rest of us.  She wears cowboy boots year round.  This book was supposed to release months ago but hasn't yet and I pray that the end product is worth the wait.  I tried to be funny, so we'll see.  

         My writing has taken the biggest hit in my personal life and I am diligently working on changing that.  Every time someone buys a book, and gives it a review, it helps so please do.  

          Since it's August, the next book to release will be a Christmas one and I love those.  They are so much fun to write and really showcase my faith as an individual.  I believe in happy endings, I believe in the magic of the holidays, and what that magic represents.  Goodness, kindness, giving.  I've already started my Christmas shopping and have a lot of fun with it.  I hope you find the joy and peace (if you can) of summer's long days, friends, and family.

Thank you!





Are You Wearing Clean Underwear? The Misunderstandings of a Small-Town Advice Columnist.  

     Harper Reynolds always gave good and solid advice.  After all, she had a secret alter-ego, the local advice columnist, Ms. Meddles.  Then one night, a misunderstanding with local gorgeous man, Braxton Williams, left her vulnerable.  Oh, that man! 

     He could make you blush and he certainly made Harper think of things she shouldn’t.  A bottle of wine, or two, later, Harper submits her advice to the local paper, and between the wine and wild thoughts of Braxton, the answers are anything but good and solid. 

Chaos prevails and Braxton finds himself at the receiving end of blame for the whole town going crazy.  Personally, he thought the words Harper wrote were good, and yeah, maybe a little wild.  People needed to sow their wild oats here and there.

     Braxton finds himself trying to help Harper smooth things over and wants to help her fix a lot more than her column.

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