Dear Friends and Readers~

     I hope that your holidays were joyous and calm.  I realize they can be so stressful. We were fortunate to have a quiet couple of days with the kids and grandkids.  So, the new year brings a rebirth of sorts.  We all hope the new year will be better than the last.  I don't make resolutions anymore because it's too stressful honestly.  Not to mention, I got sick on Christmas Day and spent the last  three and a half weeks feeling awful.  But, we're on the right track now.  

     The final book in the Three Fay of Fahamore Series; The Magic of Creideamh (Faith) will release in March.  If I thought the first two books were tough, this one is testing everything I am as a writer.  Of course, in a good way.  It's the story of Farrah Moran, who was born in Ireland but moved to the U.S. as a child.  She moved back after college and is a school teacher.  She is also "gifted" with magic.  Her good friend, Aideen, (books 1 & 2) enlists her to help.  Although she is an avid researcher into her gifts, the situation she finds herself in now is far beyond anything she could imagine.  Not only that, but she is attracted to Carrick Neilan in a way that is simply inexplicable.  It doesn't help that he's cocky and knows her better than she feels comfortable with.  Carrick only recently got in touch with his father, James Neilan Sr., (books 1 & 2), who he didn't know.  He finds himself in the middle of a magical custody battle of sorts between his parents.  Having the type of power he has, Carrick realizes is more responsibility than entitlement and he's trying to find his emotional footing in the magical realm as well as with Farrah.  He, quite literally, dreamed of her and now she's real.  This story intertwines loves here and in the past, in the human world, and in the magical realm.  It tests our belief in Love, Hope, and Faith.  I hope you'll join me in taking this journey. 

      I have been asked a question recently about why I want people to read my books.  Interesting for sure, and I think I've come up with an answer so I'll keep you posted.  

      A lot of releases this year, The Magic of Creideamh, Wrapping Up a Marine, Royally Ever After, and Brave Secrets.  There are other projects we have in the works but I'd overload my own brain, and yours, if I went on and on about them.  Sufficed to say, I pray that this year you'll reach a goal, find passion, discover wonder, and for pity's sake, READ A BOOK, preferably one of mine.  

       Every month I say thank you, and every month it's true because without readers, where would I be?  Please enjoy!






    Three Fay of Fahamore;

              Book 2,

    The Magic of Dochas

   Madison Reilly was sick and no one could explain why.  Out of desperation, her mother sends her to Ireland to visit her aunt and uncle.  Her Auntie Aideen is a "healer" and her Madison's parents are sure that she will get better.  Going along with the crazy planes, Madison flies from Georgia, U.S.A. to Fahamore, Ireland and is thrown into an emotional maelstrom with the likes of Quinn Mitchell.

    Quinn Mitchell flies to Ireland to make sure his friend, Colton O'Halloran, is okay.  Since Colton's trip to Ireland, Quinn notices his friend isn't in touch and, when Quinn reaches him finally, Colton talks about magical faeries and chests.  Out of concern, Quinn jumps on a plane and sets out to find out what's going on.  But once he's there, he sees the unbelievable and feels something very intense with Madison Reilly.

    Can Quinn convince his fellow American that there really is............

                             Magic in Hope?


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