Dear Friends/Readers:

   I never realize how much time goes by before I realize, "Update the Website!"  It's been a crazy couple of months, all of you share in this I'm sure.  We're all trying to adjust to new words to describe our ever-changing world.  For me, I've jumped on the Amazon bandwagon to some extent but I love my local businesses too and try to support them every chance I get.  Also, I know how important books can be to people who just want to, "get away from it all," even if it's only for three hundred pages or so.  So, I've kept my ebooks discounted for the time being.  I want all of you to get the chance to read a story.  

   It's almost here....Royally Ever After.  This story is dedicated to my very own Princess Evangeline.  Yes, she does exist and she just turned 1.  I've called her Princess since the moment her daddy told me she was a girl.  She is everything I think of in a Princess and one of her middle names is Charlotte (so she shares that with another Princess).  Anyway, I wanted to write a book for her, ironic, I know, since she can't read it until she's like 16.  Honestly, didn't think about that until after the love scenes were written.  My bad!  But, the Princess in my book is kind, determined, and wants to make her mark in a positive way; all the things I look at our own little Princess as doing. 

   Evangeline DeMarco was raised in America but her father was a Prince of a small Principality in the Mediterranean between Italy and Greece.  Mavroleon (fictional place) was a dream to visit but Evangeline knew she'd never be a true royal since her parents never married.  But, her father and two half-brothers, the heirs to the throne, are unexpectedly killed so it's only Evangeline left to carry on the DeMarco name.  As if being thrust into a completely different life than what she lived wasn't crazy enough, she had an attache who was dreamy.  Earl Felipe was many things as an attache but he wasn't prepared for the Princess's beauty or brains.  Thrown into a whirlwind of protocol and obligation, these two are trying to find a way to live Royally Ever After.  Should be available around September 5th.  

     My last Marine book, Wrapping Up a Marine is done and ready but we hit a snag with the cover art so it should also be releasing around September 5th.  Check out the final book in the Semper Fi in Love Continued Series.  

   As always, please show understanding and patience, Lord knows we all need it now.  Thank you for supporting artists such as myself.  Have a Blessed Day!


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     Ever  After

Evangeline DeMarco was an all-American girl.  She was a well-educated, independent, businesswoman who made her way up the corporate ladder with determination and hard work.  Only a few individuals knew her secret.  She was a Princess!  Her whole life changed in the space of a few days; losing her father and half brothers was torment enough, but realizing she was the heiress to a Principality in the Mediterranean was a little tough to grasp.

Earl Felipe Xavier Charles Romano was the attaché assigned to the Princess.  He was well versed in the state affairs of their beautiful island, with its beaches, casinos, and offshore banks that made it a hotspot for the rich and powerful.  He wasn’t sure the Princess knew just what she was getting into but he’d do everything he could to help her figure it out.


Can an American Princess adjust to a life of protocol and service to her people, and live Royally Ever After?

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