Second Chances

  Hadley Franklin looked like she had it all; a great house, a doting husband, a charmed life.  What she really had was a prison, with her husband as the warden who's behavior was escalating.  Her best friend unexpectedly intervened and gave Hadley the opportunity to have her freedom once again.  She was going to be a cook, on a boat, in the Gulf of Mexico.  A far cry from her mansion in Mississippi, but Hadley knew if she didn't get out now, she would be lost. 

  Kellen Matthews' job was to observe and report.  He took his job seriously, which he didn't think the new cook on the boat he was assigned to did.  There was something about her that intrigued him and made him question her. 

  Can these two strangers find a way to take their Second Chances?

Leather Clad Pursuit

  Carys Muldoon could control men in the boardroom like nobody's business.  She'd created her own empire by acquiring companies and turning them into successes.  But now, she owned an adult store!  Someone like her couldn't own something like that......except this store was unique.  It wasn't at all what Carys expected, and the manager, Constance Miller, was unlike any woman Carys had ever run into.  Constance could show her how to seduce men and control them as much out of the boardroom, as she did in it. 

   Brit Carnegie always looked at Carys as a friend and businesswoman.  But now, she was dressing like sin he couldn't stop thinking about her.  Could he possibly show Carys that it didn't matter if she was in the leather, or out of it, he'd still love her? 

Lawyer Up, Cowboy

   Taggert Rhodes just found two things; one, a man he never met, just died.  And two, the woman who delivered the news was the most beautiful lawyer he'd ever met.  Now he was faced with a family he never knew existed and a woman who fascinated him and frustrated him all at the same time. 

    Lily Fontaine was the lawyer for the Rhodes' family, and practically a sister to the Rhodes' sons, Seth and Ken Jr.  So when she found out about a son no one else seemed to know about, she was suspicious and hurt.  Not only was this Taggert character an heir, but he was handsome, sexy, and everything Lily knew she should stay away from. 

    Can these two people figure out that sometimes fate just deals you the hand you have to play?

Covert Santa

   Karissa Godfried started writing to Staff Sgt. Lane Huff because his sister asked her to.  She had no idea what they had to "write" about but she did it.  To her surprise, the Marine answered her letters from halfway around the world.  And, before long, Karissa started to think of Lane Huff as much more than just a pen pal.

   Staff Sgt. Lane Huff was serivng a deployment in Afghanistan when he started receiving letters from Karissa, a friend of his sister's.  Leave it to family to try and fix him up even when he was thousands of miles away and trying to focus on his mission.  But, after writing to Karissa for months, Lane starts to wonder if loving her asn't the best mission he could sign up for.

    Can love start on paper, bloom during emails, and be delivered by a Covert Santa?


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