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Christmas Books & Kids

TBCWE Kindle Cover.jpg
The Best Christmas Wish Ever

   Sofia Randall loved the holiday season.  This year she took her niece, Chelsea to see Santa Claus.  Little did Sofia know that Chelsea asked Santa to help her aunt find Love.  They went on their merry way but Santa listened to little Chelsea's wish and, with a little twist of fate, and maybe some Christmas magic, "Santa" otherwise known as Lucas Calspin, was going to change Sofia's whole world. 

   Lucas was doing a favor for his ailing dad and filling in as Santa during the holiday season.  For as long as he could remember his dad had been Santa at the local hospitals and volunteered where he was needed during the holiday season.  It was only after meeting Chelsea, and her aunt, that Lucas came to understand the true magic that surrounded the holidays. 

   Chelsea's wish just might be The Best Christmas Wish Ever! 

Covert Santa

   Karissa Godfried started writing to Staff Sgt. Lane Huff because his sister asked her to.  She had no idea what they had to "write" about but she did it.  To her surprise, the Marine answered her letters from halfway around the world.  And, before long, Karissa started to think of Lane Huff as much more than just a pen pal.

   Staff Sgt. Lane Huff was serivng a deployment in Afghanistan when he started receiving letters from Karissa, a friend of his sister's.  Leave it to family to try and fix him up even when he was thousands of miles away and trying to focus on his mission.  But, after writing to Karissa for months, Lane starts to wonder if loving her asn't the best mission he could sign up for.

    Can love start on paper, bloom during emails, and be delivered by a Covert Santa?

LCC Kindle Cover.jpg
Lights, Camera, Christmas

   Faith Dougan's job as a television movie producer is to create Christmas all year long.  When the holidays do come along, she wants nothing to do with them.  But when her Mimi's doctor calls her and insists Faith come back home to Texas for a family Christmas, she agrees.  Coming home is nice in some ways but surprising too.  Meeting Mimi's doctor, Ryker Tilston, starts to make Faith feel like maybe she's been forgetting about the real meaning of Christmas.

    Ryker loves Mrs. Dougan and is excited to meet the famous granddaughter she speaks so highly of.  But when he meets Faith, he's overcome with frustration and attraction; two things he never expected to feel.

    Can Faith find true holiday spirit and prepare herself to love Christmas again?

Christmas Dreamer Book Cover Revised.jpg
Christmas Dreamer

  Clara Withers doesn't believe in dreams, at least not in the ones that seem to real.  It is easier to believe in things she can see and touch.  After Clara makes her seasonal move to Galveston, Texas for the winter months, she has a dream of a man who saves her.  When this man literally does save her, Clara finds out about a family myth that the women in her family all dream of the man they will marry. 

   Wyatt Penton is a doctor, and a man who believes in the science of things.  He's new to Galveston and finds himself at the right place at the right time, and ends up saving Clara.  He feels as though he already knows her and that something special is happening between them. 

   Join Clara and Wyatt as they fall in love and Clara discovers that she might very well be a

Christmas Dreamer.

Aloha Santa Ebook Cover.jpg
Aloha Santa

    Emery Matheson just got her dream job working for a hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.  But starting a new adventure right before Christmas meant being away from her family and missing out on their Christmas traditions.

     Dr. Griffen Kaiwi was Emery's Welcome Liaison and he tried to make the new administrator laugh.  Griffen wanted to show Emery what a true island Christmas could be.  Little did he know that as he was showing the Hawaiian holiday traditions to Emery that he'd be rediscovering his Christmas faith again.    

QWNT Cover Page.jpg
The Quail With No Tail

   Dale was a quail, who didn't have a tail.   The other quails made fun of him for not having a tail.  Determined to find happiness, Dale sets out on a journey to find others who are different, just like him.  

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