Grace in Texas

  Grace was a senior in high school when she had the best kiss on the face of the earth; a girl's dream.  Only the lips that made her burn with newfound desire belonged to a man who broke a young girl's heart.  Now, she was coming back as a woman and she wouldn't be so easily persuaded by kisses from cowboys.  She wasn't prepared to see the reason for her hasty exit from Texas years earlier.  He was still gorgeous and most definitely a cowboy, and now he made the woman in her feel complete.  Could she get past his emotional hang ups and make them both come out ahead this time around?

   Tavin McCormick was  a rodeo cowboy who knew that hard work, keeping your word, and the great state of Texas were things  you could rely on.  Love, well that was another matter.  Grace made him want, hell need more out of life.  Could he trust her and himself enough for them to make her stay......with him?


A Marine & Her


  Master Gunnery Sgt. Emma Cantrell is fine with her life.  Her friends, however, are busy getting married and making babies.  Now she's expected to be there for support and doesn't want to feel like the odd man out.  What better way to fix it than to ask a friend to go along and be her "date."  A chance encounter brings a nice man into her life who seems to give her the opportunity to be accompanied but without all the crazy romantic entanglements....perfect.  That would be great if the "friend" she invited didn't drive her mad with need and thaw out the part of her heart she kept so tidily tucked away. 

   Master Sgt. Braedon Richards is asked to pick up a friend of a friend for a party.  Little did he know that his new "friend" had the looks of a model and an all-consuming need for control.  Thinking that he's not even in Emma's league, he doesn't set out to pursue her but he won't be a doormat either. 

    Can Emma and Braedon figure out that maybe the one thing they both need the most is each other?


  Adalyn Phillips was in a horrific car accident 3 years ago that left her in a coma.  The doctors didn't hold out hope, especially as the years passed.  But one day, Addy started to wake up. After 3 years though, everything was changed.  She no longer had a job, a fiance, and she was frustrated with the limitations her body was facing.  Fortunately she had a team of caregivers that was fantastic, including her physical therapist, Kian Fitzpatrick. 

  Kian had been "talking" to Addy for over a year, since she was moved to the facility he was assigned to.  He knew a lot about her, but she knew nothing about him.  And when she woke up, Kian was thrust into an awareness he didn't expect, and a problem.......Kian knew things that might affect Addy and he wondered if, as they became closer, if he wasn't hurting her rather than helping her on the road to recovery. 

   Can love be found again once you've Awakened?   

A Marine in the Family; Book 1 Semper Fi in Love Continued

  Sawyer Smith was determined to go into the Marines, just like his late uncle.  His family, however, was against it.  His only hope was to enlist his Aunt Eryn's help in convincing them it was a good idea.  Once he got into the Corps and following his aunt's footsteps into the world of Crash, Fire, & Rescue, Sawyer finds so much more than just a "job."  For the first time, he feels as though he truly fits in.

   Tinsley Grammer is the daughter of a Marine, the sister of a Marine, and wants nothing to do with Marines.  She is planning on finishing school and becoming a veterinary technician and settle down in some small town that she never has to leave.  That is the plan until she meets this handsome Marine who makes her feel like the life she's wanted to run from might be the life she was meant to live. 

   Meet the new generation of Marines who find love in.......

                           Semper Fi in Love Continued

The Marine Reunion; Book 2

Semper Fi in Love Continued

   Staff Sgt. Larkin Willis found himself on the committee to help organize a huge Crash Fire Rescue reunion for fellow Marines, past and present.  Anyone who served in the field was invited and that meant a lot of preparation.  He jumps at the offer of help from his long-time friend, Clementine Roshman.  Little does Larkin know that preparing for a monumental reunion was nothing compared to preparing his heart to love.  

    Clementine had been infatuated with Larkin for years but he never saw her  as more than a "sister."  She was happy to help with the reunion, especially if it meant she got to work closely with Larkin.  What Clementine didn't know was how being around him and falling in love would be a bigger event than she ever expected.  

    Meet the new generation of Marines who find love in.......

                     Semper Fi in Love Continued


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