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Semper Fi in Love Continued Series Books 1-3
A Marine in the Family

  Sawyer Smith was determined to go into the Marines, just like his late uncle.  His family, however, was against it.  His only hope was to enlist his Aunt Eryn's help in convincing them it was a good idea.  Once he got into the Corps and following his aunt's footsteps into the world of Crash, Fire, & Rescue, Sawyer finds so much more than just a "job."  For the first time, he feels as though he truly fits in.

   Tinsley Grammer is the daughter of a Marine, the sister of a Marine, and wants nothing to do with Marines.  She is planning on finishing school and becoming a veterinary technician and settle down in some small town that she never has to leave.  That is the plan until she meets this handsome Marine who makes her feel like the life she's wanted to run from might be the life she was meant to live. 

   Meet the new generation of Marines who find love in.......

                           Semper Fi in Love Continued

The Marine Reunion

   Staff Sgt. Larkin Willis found himself on the committee to help organize a huge Crash Fire Rescue reunion for fellow Marines, past and present.  Anyone who served in the field was invited and that meant a lot of preparation.  He jumps at the offer of help from his long-time friend, Clementine Roshman.  Little does Larkin know that preparing for a monumental reunion was nothing compared to preparing his heart to love.  

    Clementine had been infatuated with Larkin for years but he never saw her  as more than a "sister."  She was happy to help with the reunion, especially if it meant she got to work closely with Larkin.  What Clementine didn't know was how being around him and falling in love would be a bigger event than she ever expected.  

    Meet the new generation of Marines who find love in.......

                     Semper Fi in Love Continued

WUAM Ebook Cover.jpg
WUAM Ebook Cover.jpg
Wrapping Up a Marine

   Rayne McDonald is a successful event planner.  She does everything from kids' birthday parties to black-tie events. So, when she gets a call about an anniversary party she thinks it will be easy.  Of course, when she meets Caden Grammer, all thoughts of "easy" fly out the window.  Not only is he a Marine, but seems like a playboy, and likes to tell her how to do her job.

   Caden only hired an event planner for his parents' anniversary party because his sister, Tinsley, told him he had to.  How was he supposed to know about table settings, color schemes, and cake flavors; that stuff was for girls.  But, Ms. Rayne McDonald was as tough as any Marine he'd dealt with and she intimidated him with her polished looks and beauty.  

    Can Rayne see past Caden's uniform and find herself 

                                 Wrapping Up a Marine?

Three Fay of Fahamore Series Books 1-3
Magic of Gra Kindle Cover.jpg
The Magic of Gra

                                                 Can love transcend time?

    Brynn Webster restores homes.  Her job as a Conservation Project Manager has her traveling around the world in search of homes that are diamonds in the rough, and she manages to make them shine.  At her most recent job site, a beautifully carved chest is found.  It is no ordinary chest for it holds magic.

    Colton Halloran is a college historian.  He may teach U.S. History at the University of Texas in Houston but his passion is Irish Lore.  He is very interested when an opportunity to go to Ireland comes along.  Quickly, Colton is drawn into the mystery of the chest, and of Brynn.  

    Follow Brynn and Colton as they try to solve the mysteries surrounding the chest, discover a fay and find 

                                                   The Magic of Love.

Magic of Dochas Kindle Cover.jpg
The Magic of Dochas

    Madison Reilly was sick and no one could tell her why.  Finally, out of desperation, her mother sends her to visit her aunt and uncle in Ireland. Her Auntie Aideen is a "healer" and her mother is sure that Aideen can help Madison get better.  Going along with her mother's plans, because there was nothing else she could do; Madison makes the trip.  Not only is Madison quickly thrown into a world of magic she doesn't understand, but she's thrown into an emotional maelstrom with the likes of Quinn Mitchell.

     Quinn's friend, Colton Halloran went to Ireland for a job and loses touch.  When Quinn finally reaches him, all Colton talks about are magical fairies and chests.  Out of concern, Quinn flies to Ireland  to make sure his friend is okay.  But once he's there, Quinn sees the unbelievable and feels something very intense with Madison Reilly.  

     Can Quinn convince Madison that there is 

                                                Magic in Hope?

The Magic of Creideamh

Farrah Moran was raised in the United States, but she was Irish through and through.  After the death of her mother, she and her father moved back to the county of their birth.  It wasn't until she was in Ireland that she discovered her "gift" of magic.  Having magical aptitude was a new concept for a girl raised in the U.S.

Carrick Neilan was born of magic but truly didn't understand his abilities until he was a teenager.  One didn't decend from magical beings, yet here he was.  But the story of how he came to be was littered with heartbreak and confusion, along with denial and resentment.  Now he was finding himself on the opposite side of his magical mother and trying to protect a father he barely knew.

With Farrah and Carrick thrown into a battle of magic, along with their friends, it was only natural to feel.  But if the feeling was so deep, the need so overwhelming, did you have a choice to see

The Magic of Faith?


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