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Love After Loss Series Books 1-3
Hannah's Story

  Hannah Whitman just lost her father to a long battle with ALS.  How can she just go on as he asked her to do?  She receives an anonymous invitation to Galveston Retreat, a place where people go to grieve.  She meets two other women, also suffering from losses of their own.  The three form a friendship that ultimately will help them heal. 

   During a walk on the beach, Hannah comes across Asher Kelley and his daughter, Skyler.  Together, the three of them rescue a baby sea turtle and Hannah finds herself fascinated by precocious Skyler and smitten with her father. 

   Asher is no stranger to loss himself and yet, he's attracted to the beautiful Hannah.  Can these two people figure out how to Love After Loss?

Shelby's Story

   Shelby Forrester lost her husband in a motorcycle accident.  She is lost without Kent, and goes back and forth between living in the present and being sucked into the past through her grief.  A year has passed and still, Shelby isn't starting to heal.  An unexpected invitation to a retreat in Galveston, Texas changes all of that.  She meets two other women there who also are suffering from grief, and it allows Shelby to start seeing things differently.  As fate would have it, she is also offered a job substituting in a friend's gym teaching kids gymnastics.  This in itself brings back a rush of feelings since that is what her husband did, taught gymnastics. 

    After she starts her job, she meets Gannon Riley; the forward and, yes, handsome uncle of one of her students. 

   Gannon sees Shelby and knows there is something very special about her.  He's bossy and stubborn and not afraid to show it.  Only, Shelby pushes him away, something he isn't used to.  It only adds to the attraction and Gannon can't possibly stop pursuing this beautiful and aloof woman.

   Can Shelby and Gannon fine the Love After Loss they seek?


Payton's Story

    Payton Holland lost her little girl, Raleigh, to leukemia.  The horrifying disease didn't even allow her little girl to reach five years old and Payton cannot process the loss.  She pushes everyone away, including Raleigh's father, Sebastian.

    Three months later, Payton is no closer to understanding her loss or resolving the anger that has taken hold of her.  She lashes out at everyone and cannot even stand herself most days.  An invitation arrives one day, asking her to go to a retreat in Galveston, Texas.  It is a place for those who are grieving can go to start healing.  For some reason she cannot explain, Payton decides to go.

     She meets two other women there, Hannah and Shelby, who are going through their own grieving processes.  The three women, bound by understanding the hole of darkness that grief can bring, begin to understand, and help, one another in healing. 

     Sebastian Trent, a baseball player for the Houston Astros, has loved Payton since the moment he laid eyes on her, years before.  But Payton always wanted to call the shots.  Now, in an unexpected turn, Sebastian sets a series of events in motion that start to help both him and Payton, not only heal, but reconnect.

     Is Love After Loss a possibility for Payton and Sebastian?

Non series books
CHA Kindle Cover.jpg
Coming Home Again

  Aubrey Slojankonkowski is a suspense/mystery writer who writes under the pen name A.J. Sloan.  She's used to getting things done her way.  Deciding to move back o her hometown of Burlington, Wisconsin when she was at the top of her game, is something Aubrey knows will do her good.  She buys an old house, that actually has a mystery within its walls.  As if strange occurences, a book deadline, and a move halfway across the country wasn't enough, Aubrey is also finding it difficult to resist the contractor, Cole Rafferty, who is doing the renovations on her house.  

  Cole Rafferty moved to Burlington to have a simpler life.  He'd done the big city thing and was ready for what Burlington had to offer.  But, he never thought, in a million years, tht he'd meet and fall in love with, a big-time author.  Aubrey intrigued him, that was for sure, but things weren't all they seemed with her, or the house she wanted him to fix.  Were the feelings he had real, or were they as much of a mystery as the one he found in her house?  

  Can it be that easy to find love when you're Coming Home Again?



Someday cover.JPG

    Jayde Greene, a barista at a local coffee shop in Galveston, TX, is a dreamer.  She was orphaned as a teenager so the regulars at the shop, and her co-workers, are her family.  She also has a very special notebook.  It's her "Someday" book and it holds all of her dreams, big and small.

    Parker Kinley was having a bad day and decided to stop into a coffee shop for a much-needed break.  His job as an actuary requires methodical thinking and complete professionalism.  When he meets Jayde, with her hippie-like attitude and infectious smile, he's immediately intrigued and drawn in. 

    After meeting the enigmatic Parker, the dreams in Jayde's notebook start to come true.  Is it coincidence or love that both Jayde nad Parker's dreams of Someday start now?

MMFP Ebook cover 1.jpg
Marry My Friend, Please

    Kelley Rayson is shy!  So shy that she can't seem to meet anyone in person.  After a bad experience with online dating, she turns to her BFF, a romance writer, who comes up with a crazy plan to help Kelley meet men.  

    There are men who are paraded across Kelley's path and she tries to find someone genuine in the mucky waters of social media dating.

    Can Kelley prove that she's girlfriend material and find a genuine guy? And at the same time, not be mortified that her friend is advertising, 

                              Marry My Friend, Please?

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