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Semper Fi in Love Series Books 1-4

​​A Marine to Remember


  Falling in love with SSgt. Chase Johnson was not something Sgt. Eryn Fredricks wanted to do; but she did .  The man made her body burn and soul sore but as quickly as they started, he up and left.  Ten years later they meet again and the tables have turned. She wanted to love him, knew she did but ten years of wondering left a hole in her heart.


  Chase Johnson had one regret, the fact that he didn't fight for his love.  Now he had the chance to change things but how could he convince the woman to give him a chance when she was now his boss?  Could fate really be kind and offer them a new beginning


The Lady & The Marine

  Katherine Fredricks spent her life building her career and being very careful.  As a successful clothing designer, she was used to dealing with appearances, her own being very finely honed as a successful businesswoman.  So why did meeting a man on a plane make her want to shake it all up and throw caution to the wind?  Because he made her feel more than anything else in her life had.

  Mitch Frinnel knew there was something special about Katie.  What he didn't bargain for was how much she made him want......want her, want a life with her.

  From Hawaii to New York, and a few places in beween; can Katherine and Mitch figure out that change may be a good thing?


Moonlight & A Marine

 Gunnery Sgt. Abi Rochelle has a great job, great friends, a great life....except that she's not married & hasn't given her parents grandchildren.  In an effort to help their daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Rochelle decide that they will "promise" her to a good man in their opinion.  An arranged marriage.  Abi cannot believe their audacity and, even more, can't believe that the man they've picked for her is actually pretty great.

   Gavriil Maslov is intrigued by the Marine who puts him off at every turn.  Even though he thinks this whole thing is crazy, it's even crazier to deny the attraction between them.  The trick is, he has to convince Abi that a happy ending is actually possible. 

    Is love about fate or is it possible it can be chosen for you?


A Marine & Her Sensibilities

  Master Gunnery Sgt. Emma Cantrell is fine with her life.  Her friends, however, are busy getting married and making babies.  Now she's expected to be there for support and doesn't want to feel like the odd man out.  What better way to fix it than to ask a friend to go along and be her "date."  A chance encounter brings a nice man into her life who seems to give her the opportunity to be accompanied but without all the crazy romantic entanglements....perfect.  That would be great if the "friend" she invited didn't drive her mad with need and thaw out the part of her heart she kept so tidily tucked away. 

   Master Sgt. Braedon Richards is asked to pick up a friend of a friend for a party.  Little did he know that his new "friend" had the looks of a model and an all-consuming need for control.  Thinking that he's not even in Emma's league, he doesn't set out to pursue her but he won't be a doormat either. 

    Can Emma and Braedon figure out that maybe the one thing they both need the most is each other?

Non-series books
Finally A Family

  Janie Larson was successful, smart, determined, cautious, and predictable.  So how did she find herself pregnant and alone?  Of course, she always wanted kids.  That want was what eventually ended her marriage years before.  Now though, the plans she carefully laid were out the window.  Her friend, Stacy, decided to help by reuniting her with her ex-husband Trey.  Oh Lord, as if life couldn't get more complicated.  Trey was everything she remembered but different too.  Could she trust him and herself enough to make it work this time?

   Trey Larson loved his wife and never wanted a divorce.  Even years later, she was on his mind and still in his heart.  Now he had the chance to be with her again.  Knowing she was carrying another man's child was unnerving but he truly felt his love for Janie would carry them through.  The problem was convincing Janie they could do it.  His job wasn't easy but he knew they could finally be a family.

The Lord & His Manner
​  Brooke Mason thought her life was going according to plan, until she was dumped at the altar.  Her parents sent her to England to visit with her great-aunt Brennie and to lick her wounds.  She runs into, literally, Lord Barrett Morley, who shows her what real love could be if she would give it a chance.

  Barrett was accustomed to propriety and expectations but when he meets Brooke, he questions all of the things he was raised to be.  His love for her made everything else seem less but how could he fight against what was so deeply ingrained?  Was it possible that she would give up her life in America for him? 

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