​Welcome to the world of romance that runs around my brain......I hope you enjoy them.

​​A Marine to Remember


  Falling in love with SSgt. Chase Johnson was not something Sgt. Eryn Fredricks wanted to do; but she did .  The man made her body burn and soul sore but as quickly as they started, he up and left.  Ten years later they meet again and the tables have turned. She wanted to love him, knew she did but ten years of wondering left a hole in her heart.


  Chase Johnson had one regret, the fact that he didn't fight for his love.  Now he had the chance to change things but how could he convince the woman to give him a chance when she was now his boss?  Could fate really be kind and offer them a new beginning

The Lord & His Manner


​  Brooke Mason thought her life was going according to plan, until she was dumped at the altar.  Her parents sent her to England to visit with her great-aunt Brennie and to lick her wounds.  She runs into, literally, Lord Barrett Morley, who shows her what real love could be if she would give it a chance.

  Barrett was accustomed to propriety and expectations but when he meets Brooke, he questions all of the things he was raised to be.  His love for her made everything else seem less but how could he fight against what was so deeply ingrained?  Was it possible that she would give up her life in America for him? 

The Best Christmas Wish Ever

   Sofia Randall loved the holiday season.  This year she took her niece, Chelsea to see Santa Claus.  Little did Sofia know that Chelsea asked Santa to help her aunt find Love.  They went on their merry way but Santa listened to little Chelsea's wish and, with a little twist of fate, and maybe some Christmas magic, "Santa" otherwise known as Lucas Calspin, was going to change Sofia's whole world. 

   Lucas was doing a favor for his ailing dad and filling in as Santa during the holiday season.  For as long as he could remember his dad had been Santa at the local hospitals and volunteered where he was needed during the holiday season.  It was only after meeting Chelsea, and her aunt, that Lucas came to understand the true magic that surrounded the holidays. 

   Chelsea's wish just might be The Best Christmas Wish Ever! 

The Quail With No Tail

   Dale was a quail, who didn't have a tail.   The other quails made fun of him for not having a tail.  Determined to find happiness, Dale sets out on a journey to find others who are different, just like him.  

Marry My Friend, Please

    Kelley Rayson is shy!  So shy that she can't seem to meet anyone in person.  After a bad experience with online dating, she turns to her BFF, a romance writer, who comes up with a crazy plan to help Kelley meet men.  

    There are men who are paraded across Kelley's path and she tries to find someone genuine in the mucky waters of social media dating.

    Can Kelley prove that she's girlfriend material and find a genuine guy? And at the same time, not be mortified that her friend is advertising, 

                              Marry My Friend, Please?


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