Finally A Family

  Janie Larson was successful, smart, determined, cautious, and predictable.  So how did she find herself pregnant and alone?  Of course, she always wanted kids.  That want was what eventually ended her marriage years before.  Now though, the plans she carefully laid were out the window.  Her friend, Stacy, decided to help by reuniting her with her ex-husband Trey.  Oh Lord, as if life couldn't get more complicated.  Trey was everything she remembered but different too.  Could she trust him and herself enough to make it work this time?

   Trey Larson loved his wife and never wanted a divorce.  Even years later, she was on his mind and still in his heart.  Now he had the chance to be with her again.  Knowing she was carrying another man's child was unnerving but he truly felt his love for Janie would carry them through.  The problem was convincing Janie they could do it.  His job wasn't easy but he knew they could finally be a family.

Jumping Back Into Love

   Raelynn Woodsen wanted her life to be successful, stable, and very safe.  A health scare makes her question if all that she thought she wanted was the right life for her.  She makes a list and starts working on it only to find that life can become very complicated when you let go of the control you've had for years.  She meets Seth, a skydiving rancher who flips her upside down.  She doesn't know why she is acting the way she is, only that she can't seem to figure out what she wants and if it's worth her heart.

   Seth sees Raelynn and knows instantly that she beguiles him.  Of course, she's every bit as cautious as he is carefree.  And there is something in her that calls to every part of him.  Can he convince her that he is the one she should risk everything for?

    Can you change who you think you are in order to be in love?

Coming Home Again

  Aubrey Slojankonkowski is a suspense/mystery writer who writes under the pen name A.J. Sloan.  She's used to getting things done her way.  Deciding to move back o her hometown of Burlington, Wisconsin when she was at the top of her game, is something Aubrey knows will do her good.  She buys an old house, that actually has a mystery within its walls.  As if strange occurences, a book deadline, and a move halfway across the country wasn't enough, Aubrey is also finding it difficult to resist the contractor, Cole Rafferty, who is doing the renovations on her house.  

  Cole Rafferty moved to Burlington to have a simpler life.  He'd done the big city thing and was ready for what Burlington had to offer.  But, he never thought, in a million years, tht he'd meet and fall in love with, a big-time author.  Aubrey intrigued him, that was for sure, but things weren't all they seemed with her, or the house she wanted him to fix.  Were the feelings he had real, or were they as much of a mystery as the one he found in her house?  

  Can it be that easy to find love when you're Coming Home Again?




    Jayde Greene, a barista at a local coffee shop in Galveston, TX, is a dreamer.  She was orphaned as a teenager so the regulars at the shop, and her co-workers, are her family.  She also has a very special notebook.  It's her "Someday" book and it holds all of her dreams, big and small.

    Parker Kinley was having a bad day and decided to stop into a coffee shop for a much-needed break.  His job as an actuary requires methodical thinking and complete professionalism.  When he meets Jayde, with her hippie-like attitude and infectious smile, he's immediately intrigued and drawn in. 

    After meeting the enigmatic Parker, the dreams in Jayde's notebook start to come true.  Is it coincidence or love that both Jayde nad Parker's dreams of Someday start now?

Christmas Dreamer

  Clara Withers doesn't believe in dreams, at least not in the ones that seem to real.  It is easier to believe in things she can see and touch.  After Clara makes her seasonal move to Galveston, Texas for the winter months, she has a dream of a man who saves her.  When this man literally does save her, Clara finds out about a family myth that the women in her family all dream of the man they will marry. 

   Wyatt Penton is a doctor, and a man who believes in the science of things.  He's new to Galveston and finds himself at the right place at the right time, and ends up saving Clara.  He feels as though he already knows her and that something special is happening between them. 

   Join Clara and Wyatt as they fall in love and Clara discovers that she might very well be a

Christmas Dreamer.


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